Jeff Osman


Jeff is a truly talented artist in his photography. He has this intuitive gift that seizes the essence of his subject. The work we have commissioned from him has always surpassed all our expectations and opened doors to visions we could never have anticipated. His perception is through the sensitivity of his soul, reaching into the heart of what he captures. I can only say that I am a great fan of his work.

Fabian Fillip-Gautier

'Jeff displays a true artist's approach to all his work. A sense of honesty and integrity underlines his film photography.His zen-like approach keeps the shoots running smoothy, while talent, crew and client stay focused.Jeff is also extremely adaptable, working in many different genres from film to fashion to advertising. A unique and talented artist."

Mark Bakaitis


Jeff was the photographer for our engagement photo shoot and the day with him was an absolute delight. He exhibited nothing but professionalism and kindness in addition to his vast knowledge of the best spots to have that perfect snap taken. We were overjoyed with his work and have no hesitation recommending him to anyone for any occasion.

Jona & Dennis

10/10 could not recommend Jeff enough!!! Absolutely incredible and talented photographer, extremely knowledgeable about the art and knows exactly how to direct a photoshoot for the best results.Extremely professional and it definitely showed when he shot my photos. One of a kind and very unique in his style.Anyone who's considering Jeff, I highly recommend you look at his website just to see how talented he is!

Matthew Butera  

Jeff was highly recommended by a event organiser. I took the advise and was astounded by his professionalism and knowledge, this was superseded by the equipment and quality of the expected outcome.I therefore also highly recommend Jeff as your next photo shoot.

Peter Tutlys  

Jeff is an excellent photographer. He has done three of our shoots starting from our Pre Wedding all the way to our baby photo shoot. incredible photos. highly recommended!!

Emine & Bardhy